Then get ready for this

one-of-a-kind Mastermind

by Elisabeth Botman &

Rhiannon Rees!



Then get ready for this

one-of-a-kind Mastermind

by Elisabeth Botman &

Rhiannon Rees!

"Crypto is here to stay "

And there's no better time to get on board than NOW.  

Cryptocurrency is the investment of the future.  Get educated and discover a new way to invest and thrive.  Get educated and change your life!  This Mastermind is a unique opportunity to learn about some of the most exciting and cutting-edge wealth-creation opportunities—and we will tell you about them the instant they arise! 


We are 7-figure multipreneurs, specializing in Wealth Mindset, Marketing, Business Growth strategies, and developing businesses from ground zero.  We coach a variety of entrepreneurs—and we are passionate crypto & Forex investors! Crypto is here to stay!

Why this is for you.

This Mastermind is for you if you are ready to break free of both conscious and subconscious self-limiting beliefs around money, wealth, health, success and freedom.  We will then teach you how to use your newfound Wealth Mindset to make 100X, 200X—or sometimes even 1000X — on your investments with crypto!


Who wouldn't want to learn that?


Crypto can be daunting, and there is SO much misinformation out there that it is pretty hard to determine what is real, and what is a complete scam! 


We have seen, and also experienced ourselves, how people hand over their money to "fishy" account managers or investment platforms only to find out that someone took off with their investments!


This Mastermind is designed first to transform your entire belief system so that you are ready to make money.  Then, we'll teach you not only how to invest in crypto for yourself, but also how to determine the good from the bad! If you aren't investing in crypto, you are missing out! The crypto space is booming, and making money sometimes only takes HOURS, or even minutes!  


We are hands on, helping you gain financial freedom and generational wealth by teaching you some of the fastest—and safest—ways to invest in the crypto space.  And you'll quickly see that you can make more money than you ever have before—and you'll start doing so within a few days of signing up for the Mastermind!  And the best part?  It doesn't require you to invest your life savings—or sell your car, just to get started.  You can finally start taking control over your financial future—regardless of whether you're investing a little or a lot.


This Mastermind covers both long-term and short-term ROI strategies!


"Life is about creating new opportunities,

not waiting for them

to come to you."

Elated Woman Sitting with Laptop and Arms in Air

"Value for Money"

How does this work?

After we have worked on your money-mindset, and you are ready to take on the wealth, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to start making money right away. The investment required to access this Mastermind is only a fraction of what you stand to make! If you use the knowledge you gain, and utilize and implement everything we teach you, then there is no reason why you can't generate incredible ROI's from your crypto investments.


In the crypto space, it is not uncommon to make 100X, 200X — or even 1000X — on your investments in a short time.


This Mastermind is designed to show you the power of passive income streams with crypto and to teach you everything you need to know in an easy-to-understand-way.

"Crypto is only risky to those who do not understand the industry and how to leverage it. Learning to understand is the first step to massive income potential."

Take a look at everything we will be covering, and what we'll be including in this potentially life-changing Mastermind group ...

The Mastermind is specifically designed to harness your full potential for accumulating generational wealth.  The reason we achieve such incredible results for our Mastermind participants, is that we focus on — not one — but TWO vital ingredients for success:

  • Developing a Wealth Mindset; and
  • Providing you with Tools and Strategies

So that YOU can generate a MASSIVE Return On Investment.

Part 1: Developing a Wealth Mindset

We will help you identify your self-limiting beliefs both on a conscious and a sub-conscious level.  Your host, Rhiannon Rees, has pioneered a cutting edge approach that is not based on linear thinking.  Rather, it is based on the principles and practices of the Subconscious Mind and Quantum Physics.  When you play in an unlimited arena, your life and your results will be equally unlimited.

Rules of the game: "Responsibility", “Ownership” and “Accountability"

We will be looking at the way you show up for yourself, and the expectations you have, both for this Mastermind program — and in your life in general.   Throughout the course, we will explore how you can grow and claim back your power so that your end result exceeds your expectations both in terms of the Mastermind and, even more profoundly, in your life. 

Creating a Vision

Do you have a clear plan?  Do you have smart goals?  In this part of the course, we will be focusing on creating a clear and powerful vision and starting the process of building a plan.  When you create a vision or “dream”, this is a very powerful force indeed,  because it creates a pathway for achieving what you wish to achieve.  Your sub-conscious mind will then get to work, realizing this vision.  This will enable you to move into the “zone” — a place where you are able to accomplish your dreams with minimal effort, and where you end up exactly where you expect to be.  This concept is backed up by 15 years of research from Harvard University.

Developing a Wealth Mindset & Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

In the next part of this segment of the Mastermind, we will focus on identifying your self-limiting beliefs — we all have them!  Once identified, the next step will be to overcome those beliefs that are holding you back.  Then, we will work on developing a Wealth Mindset so that you can finally step into the success you deserve, both in terms of achieving generational wealth, as well as in life generally.  This concept is profound because you become the thoughts that you have and the words that you speak.  Through these sessions, you will discover how you can transform those thoughts and words into a powerhouse that results in you achieving everything you want to achieve!

Awareness, Passion and Niche

In this session we will focus on our strengths, and explore all the scenarios where we “succeed” in discovering our true passions.  Once we have clarity around this, you will learn how you can harness this incredible potential, and then niche it.

Leveraging and Generating Multiple Streams of Passive Income

By this stage in the Mastermind, you will have achieved all the pre-requisites for generational wealth.  You will have clarity around all of the following vital pre-requisites to generational wealth. You will have established a clear vision.  You will have a clear plan.  You will have found your purpose.  And, finally, you will be operating from an "Inspired State"   Once you have all of these key attributes in place, it's time to add the "magic" — and leverage!  In other words, we will show you how you can do "more with less" and achieve exponential growth.

Part 2: Crypto and Digital Assets

By this stage in the Mastermind, you will have developed the Wealth Mindset you need to successfully implement everything we are going to teach you.  So buckle up, because you are about to learn some of the most exciting and effective tools available in the Crypto and Digital Assets space!  Let's take a look at the outline for this part of the course.

Basics of Crypto 

We'll be covering the basics of Crypto, such as what a blockchain is, and how many coins there are.  We'll also explain how to get started, set up your crypto wallets, what exchanges are recommended to work with, how to store your crypto—& more. 

Setting up your Crypto Portfolio & Portfolio Strategy

We will show you what to use to manage & monitor your crypto portfolio, how to keep your crypto safe and how to stay up2date about the coins you choose to invest in.

DeFi Projects

DeFi applications aim to recreate traditional financial systems, such as banks and exchanges, but with cryptocurrency. Most run on the Ethereum blockchain. The difference is that DeFi apps operate without a central service exercising control over the entire system. This means that DeFi is not controlled by "people" but generally uses pre-determined smart contracts, a.k.a technology. In other words, learning how to find, invest and utilize DeFi Projects is one of the most lucrative things you can do in the crypto space.

NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs — or Non-Fungible Tokens — are taking the Crypto World by storm, so it is only fitting that they form part of this component of the Mastermind!  For the uninitiated, NFTs are tokens that are unique and can’t be replaced with something else. For example, a bitcoin is fungible, because you can trade one bitcoin for another, and you’ll have exactly the same thing. A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible. Imagine the Mona Lisa of baseball cards and you get the idea!  We are going to explore NFTs in detail, and let you in on some incredible revenue-generating NFT opportunities as they arise.

Adapting Research Skills

Crypto is an incredible space to be in, and sometimes you could get stuck down a rabbit hole if you start researching. We will show you how to research projects the right way—and show you a strategy that makes the process a lot less time-consuming while, at the same time, learning everything you need to know to make an educated investment decision.

Quick ROI Investments

The crypto space is huge and there are a lot of coins you can purchase today that will already be in profit tomorrow. We will be showing you exactly what we are doing, how much we are investing in each coin, what our daily 5-minute-check-my-investments routine looks like, and how you can sometimes make money in less than 30 seconds! 

Crypto Investment Strategies with Crypto Loans

Crypto loans?! Yes, this is actually a HUGE part of the crypto industry and it doesn't work like the loans we all know! Crypto loans are a concept of their own, and used well, you can increase your investment potential in ways you never thought possible. Learning about them and knowing how to use them will become increasingly more fascinating to you as you venture further into crypto.

PLUS All These Bonuses:

Dedicated Membership Area with Instructional Video

We want to get right into money-making activities, so you will have access to a dedicated Membership Area. Here, you will find step-by-step instructional videos that we have created to guide you through the entire process of setting up the more technical aspects.  The recordings of all the Mastermind sessions will be uploaded to this Membership as well, so you will always have them available to refer back to.

Access to a Dedicated Telegram Group Chat

This is our community chat, and this chat can also be used for questions, discussions and sharing other information. 

Signals for Promising Token / Defi Project Launches & NFT Signals

While you are learning how to apply all this knowledge, we will simply make sure you have a headstart right from day 1. You will have access to a special channel where promising signals are given for Defi projects, token launches & NFT's. Finding these projects is something we will teach you, but for as long as you are part of this mastermind, you get to copy exactly what our resident crypto expert is doing. This option alone is worth the mastermind entry-ticket. 

Time & Money 

Just imagine the amount of time & money this Mastermind will save you! You will save hundreds of hours researching and figuring things out for yourself, as well as gaining knowledge to reduce the chances of making a mistake! Utilize this Mastermind as your own launchpad into this incredible space! 

Join The Mastermind Today

Crypto is booming right now, so we've arranged for this Mastermind to start ASAP as 


Time = Money


There has never been a better time to get started with crypto!  There are so many people out there who are still thinking about what could have been IF ONLY they had invested in Bitcoin way back in 2009!


Guess what: it's NOT too late. There are literally thousands of opportunities, and this is YOUR chance to dive in, and finally get in on the crypto phenomenon.


We have already taught many many people just like you how to safely invest in the world of crypto and Forex and come out ahead.  Forget what you hear in the mainstream about the volatility of crypto! We are going to show you how to invest safely — so that there's absolutely no stress - just a lot of excitement and elation!!  


If you're committed and ready to create generational wealth for yourself and your friends and family, then this course is for YOU.

About The Hosts

Rhiannon Rees

Rhiannon Rees is an Australian-born International High-Performance Coach and best-selling author.   She was ranked 1st Best Business Coach in the World in 2010 and then, in 2019, was selected as the #1 Business & Performance Coach by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the industry.  


This year, Rhiannon was awarded Global Visionary of the year, and in the past 7 years, she has been one of the top 30 Coaching Global Gurus, along with Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins.


She was ranked 1st Best Business Coach in the World in 2010 and then in 2019, was selected as the #1 Business & Performance Coach by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the industry. 



Elisabeth Botman

Elisabeth is a Business Strategist, Marketing Expert, Investor & CryptoPreneur. Originally from the Netherlands, she now resides in Toronto, Canada.


Elisabeth specializes in passive income streams & Multipreneurship and has an impressive background in both Marketing and Business Development.  She is the former owner & founder of a 7-figure Marketing & Business Consulting Agency where she had 42 professionals under her wing and served hundreds of clients. After selling her agency, and moving to Canada, Elisabeth founded the Consulting firm, EL Coaching &. Consulting.  As a Consultant for other Entrepreneurs, Elisabeth specializes in growing their businesses from 6- to 7 figures.

Elisabeth has a knack for marketing, sales copy, and business strategy.  As a published author, she has written a book about Sales Copy and identifying your Ideal Client. Elisabeth has also helped many entrepreneurs self-publish their own books.

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Michelle McLean

Miss Universe 1992

With over 28 years of experience in media, Michelle McLean is an internationally recognized model, television personality, Master of Ceremonies, speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  She started her international modeling career at 13 and went on to win the Miss Universe title for Namibia in 1992 at the age of 19.   Michelle has been a Keynote Speaker at conferences on Empowering women in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Success under Pressure, and the Business of Beauty.  She also offers seminars, workshops and coaching for women entrepreneurs, and those in the corporate world, as well as in the beauty, modeling and pageant industries.


Michelle provides life coaching to new graduates, making the transition into the business arena, as well as women executives, helping them with confidence building and maximizing the power of personal branding. Empowering women is her passion.

Sharon Henderson

Digital Strategist

Sharon Henderson is an award-winning Digital Marketing Strategist, and the founder of Digital Marketing Agency, Sharon Henderson Digital Services.  Her agency was recently awarded the Prestige Award for New Zealand Digital Marketing Specialist of the Year.


Formerly a lawyer in London, specializing in Commercial Litigation, Sharon moved to New Zealand in 2003, and began her entrepreneurial journey in the online space. 

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Sharon's agency serves clients all over the world.  Sharon specializes in WordPress, automation, content writing and funnel building.  Her agency also offers brand strategy and branding as well as more technical developer-level services. 

As Featured On

"Cryptocurrency is the

investment of the future"

Let's summarize everything you get with this Mastermind:

  • We deliver your live trainings twice a week.

  • You receive coaching from industry experts.

  • You will learn strategies that we have used to make millions of dollors.

  • You will start making money within just a few days of joining the Mastermind—and will earn the entire cost of the Mastermind back in no time!

  • Build a secure financial future for you and your family.

  • Invest with confidence, knowing that you’re learning from experts.

  • Gain access to powerful tools to create real wealth.

  • Build your confidence knowing that you are able to become your own boss.

  • Be a part of a supportive community where everyone is growing together.

  • Learn in a way and at a pace that makes everything easy to understand.

  • Learn proven methods to bring crypto wealth into your life.

Are You Ready To Make Money With Crypto & Forex?

This Mastermind is the best way for you to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency and Forex, while increasing your investment exponentially, right from the start.  Sign up now and start investing in crypto the right way today!  It’s time to start thinking about your future.

Quit Contemplating, Start Doing!

Crypto is a fast-paced industry.  Every second you spend thinking about it could be a highly lucrative opportunity missed!  Start today and you could be earning BIG tomorrow!  


There are two Mastermind program options to choose from: the STANDARD and the VIP Plans. 


With the STANDARD PLAN, you get TWO Weekly Mastermind sessions, one with each of our Mastermind Hosts, our legendary resident crypto & Forex Expert, Elisabeth Botman, and multi-award-winning resident Wealth Mindset and High Performance Coach, Rhiannon Rees.  Plus access to a Private Membership area with invaluable investment resources and guides.  This option is perfect if you are just getting started with crypto, and like the flexibility of self-study combined with bi-weekly Masterminds to keep you accountable and informed of all the latest investment opportunities as they happen.  You also benefit from a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are also participating in the Mastermind program. 


The VIP PLAN gives you access to a highly exclusive, fully interactive Mastermind group that convenes TWICE weekly — with Elisabeth Botman and Rhiannon Rees each running a session every week.  Spaces are extremely limited as each group takes no more than 30 participants.  With access to an Exclusive Members' Area with even more resources and benefits than with the Standard Plan, a highly interactive Mastermind Style, Q&A Sessions and Discussions and direct access to both Mastermind Hosts, this truly is an Elite opportunity. 


The VIP Plan offers the opportunity for exponential growth due to the highly interactive nature of the Mastermind, the low ratio of participants to experts, and the direct access to all the experts at your disposal.  This is the plan of choice for anyone that is serious about massive ROIs in the crypto and Forex space.

Whichever Plan You Choose ...

Whichever plan you choose, you'll be making money right from the very first session!


* The cost of these Masterminds is only a fraction of what you stand to make if you apply the knowledge you gain from what we teach you! *


So, go ahead and select the plan that suits you from the options below:

Standard Plan

  • 2 x Weekly Masterminds

  • Access to a Private Members Area

  • Max of 1000 Participants

  • Access to a Wealth Signal Chat for NFT's and DeFi projects

Charity Matters ...

The Michelle McLean Children Trust

We are passionate about giving back, so we have decided to donate 2% of our revenue back to The Michelle McLean Children Trust, an incredibly worthwhile Charity founded by the amazing former Miss Universe 1992, Michelle McLean.


This donation not only includes the revenue for the program in Phase 1, but also 2% of the revenue we make from our own activities within Defi, NFT's, and other investments during the course of the 4 month program.


In Phase 2, we will be donating 5% of our revenue to The Michelle McLean Children Trust.

Michelle McLean - the Michelle McLean Children Trust

Former Miss Universe, Michelle McLean used the proceeds of the car she won as Miss Namibia as the seed funding for the establishment of the Michelle McLean Children Trust.  Now one of the largest NGOs in Namibia, Michelle's Trust helps enrich the lives of children throughout the country.  When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave birth to one of their children in Namibia, they donated funds to the Trust, which enabled the creation of 10 life-changing projects.  These include

  • The Cool Project

    Which provides rough terrain bikes to kids in rural areas so they can get to school.

  • The Michelle McLean Hospital

    A hospital established in the Capital City, Windhoek, in Nambia.

  • The Michelle McLean Primary School

    The Trust's Flagship project, which is situated just outside Windhoek, now has 1000 students in attendance.

  • The Heart of a Child Project

    To provide heart surgery for Namibian children.

  • The Nancusi Project

    Established to protect the wild animals of Namibia.

  • Operation Snowball

    A project that has been providing food, blankets and clothing to destitute communities in Nambia for over 15 years.

  • Spring & Winter Schools

    These schools provide education that includes Entrepreneurship and Financial Skills classes around Namibia. 

Michelle McLean with a Cheetah in the dessert, Nambia

Join Our Affiliate Program to Earn BIGGER

In Phase 1, we have a generous Two-Level Affiliate Program where you can receive up to 25% in monthly recurring commissions in a multi-tier referral program.


You will be able to sign up affiliates as a JV Broker and receive commissions on the referrals your affiliates are making too!  You can choose when to use the JV Broker link, and when to use the Affiliate link.

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JV Broker Commission (Level 1)


Using your JV Broker link will give you 20% commission on your direct referrals and 5% on what your affiliate are referring.

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Affiliate Commission (Level 2)


Using your affiliate link will give you 25% commission. Use this link when you know that someone wants to join the Mastermind only without referring others. Of course, to "play it safe", you can always use your JV Broker link just in case the referee does decide to refer someone.

Good to know...


Will all the sessions be recorded ( in case I can't make it live )

Can I join the Mastermind part-way through?

If there are spaces left, yes, you can join the Mastermind after it has started. However, it will be your responsibility to catch up on everything you have missed by watching all the Mastermind session recordings that are uploaded into the membership area.

I am new to crypto. Would this work for me?

What would be a good amount to start investing with?

Are there any guarantees?

If I'll make so much money with NFTs & crypto during the Mastermind, why should I be interested in the affiliate program?

We aren't financial advisors.  As with all investments, there are risks involved. We are merely facilitating opportunities, education & mentorship. We cannot be held liable or responsible for your potential losses. Past performances do not ensure future results.

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